Gafas de sol ecológicas. HDPE (Plástico) Reciclado. Pradera

PRADERA ECO Sunglasses

Recycled HDPE (Plastic)

The PRADERA model is made from 100% recycled HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) plastic from detergent, shampoo and similar containers.



  • caramelo
  • Tortoise
  • Black


HPDE plastic is one of the most abundant materials in the planet’s landfills. If we recycle it we get PRADERA, a light, resistant goggle and its lenses, made of polycarbonate, have UV 400 protection (cat. 3) and are polarised, that is to say, they reduce glare, optical stress and offer better contrast.


HPDE-Kunststoff ist eines der am häufigsten vorkommenden Materialien auf den Mülldeponien der Erde. Wenn wir sie recyceln, erhalten wir PRADERA, eine leichte, widerstandsfähige Schutzbrille, deren Gläser aus Polycarbonat einen UV-Schutz von 400 (Kat. 3) haben und polarisiert sind, d.h. sie reduzieren die Blendung, den optischen Stress und bieten einen besseren Kontrast.


Le plastique HPDE est l’un des matériaux les plus abondants dans les décharges de la planète. Si nous le recyclons, nous obtenons PRADERA, un masque léger et résistant. Ses verres, en polycarbonate, ont une protection UV 400 (cat. 3) et sont polarisés, c’est-à-dire qu’ils réduisent l’éblouissement, le stress optique et offrent un meilleur contraste.


La plastica HPDE è uno dei materiali più abbondanti nelle discariche del pianeta. Se la ricicliamo otteniamo PRADERA, una maschera leggera e resistente e le sue lenti, in policarbonato, hanno una protezione UV 400 (cat. 3) e sono polarizzate, cioè riducono l’abbagliamento, lo stress ottico e offrono un miglior contrasto.

Lens width: 54 | Bridge: 19 | Rod: 145
Made from 100% Recycled HDPE (plastic)
  • Polarized
  • Ultra Lightness
  • Water Resistant

Our packaging is social.

Our packaging is much more than a box to store your PARAFINA. It is a symbol of Parafina Social Project. Every year we donate a 5% of our profits to this project,  in which we build schools for underprivileged children in the small city of Asunción, Paraguay.

Every time you buy some PARAFINA you will receive them in a pencil case like the one our students receive at the beginning of the course. 

A recycled plastic pencil case

Identical to the one that our children from Paraguay receive to carry out their school supplies. Inside this case, made with 100% recycled HDPE plastic, you will receive a micro fiber case to protect your glasses.

An eco-pencil

With your purchase, like the scholarship children, you also receive our ecological pencil. Once consumed, you can plant and grow a tree. In this way, you can helps us to reduce the carbon footprint created directly by our products.

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