Hybrid Metal

HURACAN II has been created by combining organic bio acetate with 100% recycled aluminium from cans collected from uncontrolled landfills.


COLOR caramelo

  • caramelo
  • Red


HURACAN II combines an organic material in the frame, bio acetate or organic cellulose acetate (free of chemical-based plasticizers) with recycled aluminium, which we obtain from soda cans, in the temples. The result is a water resistant and hypoallergenic frame. The lenses, made of polycarbonate, are polarised with UV 400 protection (cat. 3).

Polarisation reduces glare, optical stress and improves contrasts.


HURACAN II kombiniert ein organisches Material im Gestell, Bioacetat oder organisches Zelluloseacetat (frei von chemischen Weichmachern) mit recyceltem Aluminium, das wir aus Getränkedosen gewinnen, in den Bügeln. Das Ergebnis ist ein wasserabweisendes und hypoallergenes Gestell. Die Gläser aus Polycarbonat sind polarisiert und bieten einen UV-Schutz von 400 (Kat. 3).

Die Polarisation reduziert Blendung und optische Belastung und verbessert die Kontraste.


HURACAN II combine un matériau organique dans la monture, l’acétate bio ou l’acétate de cellulose organique (sans plastifiants chimiques), et de l’aluminium recyclé, que nous obtenons à partir de canettes de soda, dans les branches. Le résultat est une monture résistante à l’eau et hypoallergénique. Les verres, en polycarbonate, sont polarisés avec une protection UV 400 (cat. 3).

La polarisation réduit l’éblouissement, le stress optique et améliore les contrastes.


HURACAN II combina un materiale organico nel telaio, bio acetato o acetato di cellulosa organico (privo di plastificanti a base chimica) con alluminio riciclato, che otteniamo dalle lattine di soda, nelle aste. Il risultato è un telaio resistente all’acqua e ipoallergenico. Le lenti, in policarbonato, sono polarizzate con protezione UV 400 (cat. 3).

La polarizzazione riduce l’abbagliamento, lo stress ottico e migliora i contrasti.

Lens width: 50 | Bridge: 21 | Rod: 145
Made from 100% Organic Bio Acetate and Recycled Cans
  • Polarized
  • Ultra Lightness

Our packaging is social.

Our packaging is much more than a box to store your PARAFINA. It is a symbol of Parafina Social Project. Every year we donate a 5% of our profits to this project,  in which we build schools for underprivileged children in the small city of Asunción, Paraguay.

Every time you buy some PARAFINA you will receive them in a pencil case like the one our students receive at the beginning of the course. 

A recycled plastic pencil case

Identical to the one that our children from Paraguay receive to carry out their school supplies. Inside this case, made with 100% recycled HDPE plastic, you will receive a micro fiber case to protect your glasses.

An eco-pencil

With your purchase, like the scholarship children, you also receive our ecological pencil. Once consumed, you can plant and grow a tree. In this way, you can helps us to reduce the carbon footprint created directly by our products.

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